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URAP Program


  We are always eager to collaborate with motivated undergraduate students who take an interest in research. The Undergraduate Research Associate Program here at Berkeley offers a great opportunity for undergraduates to gain research experience. 
 We are seeking research apprentices who can commit 10-11 hours a week for at least two semesters.  Read about our current URAP projects by searching for Don Moore under the Social Sciences tab on the URAP web site.  


"The experiences and skills I gained as an undergrad research associate in Professor Moore's lab have been invaluable to me as a student, professional, and life long learner. The RA experience within the Moore Lab provided me with the opportunity to develop my quantitative skills through the cleaning and analysis of experimental data, my qualitative skills through diverse research and writing tasks, and my scientific instinct through the implementation of studies and the chance to participate in discussions on theory and experimental design. Even beyond the skill development, what makes Professor Moore's lab unique is that the lab as a whole is invested in providing you with a well rounded research experience and the opportunity to stretch your mind and explore your interests within the social sciences. " - Jonathan Wang, data scientist at Uber

"This lab provides the perfect opportunity to get exposure to research. During the year and a half I spent working in this lab, I earned research experience that not only helped me get into a PhD program directly after graduating from Berkeley, but also gave me the preparation I needed to understand the whole research process: from idea generation to data analysis. Professor Moore and Jenn Logg always encourage creativity and feedback on research projects and are open to exploring new ideas. When I decided to apply to PhD programs, Professor Moore and Jenn Logg worked with me to improve my skill set and supported me with in depth meetings about the field and valuable insights about the application process. I am forever thankful for all they did for me during my time working in the lab. If you have any interest in pursuing experimental research as a career, this lab will give you the foundation you need." - Shalena Srna, Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan


-  Conducting experiments

-  Conducting literature reviews

-  Preparing research materials

-  Proofreading and testing research materials

-  Obtaining permission to conduct research with human participants

-  Analyzing data

Sample Learning Contract

____ will be working with Professor Don Moore, and his collaborators on projects surrounding forecasting, confidence, overconfidence, and leadership. There will be a range of responsibilities, including:

1) attend regular meetings and to contribute ideas to the design and execution of the project.

2) help to run experiments, which will involve preparing materials, keeping track of and organizing data files, reserving lab spaces, and managing participants.

3) help in the entry and analysis of the data collected from these experiments or from the classroom.

4) present the results of these experiments to our lab group.

5) help with related work such as obtaining copies of scholarly articles or preparing materials for the experimental research. This work may also include reviewing a research area and providing a summary or critique of the topic.

6) review and critique scholarly writing.

Approximate time commitments 
Meetings: 2.5 hr/week for 14 weeks = 35 hours
Running experiments: 8 hrs/week for 14 weeks = 112 hours
Homework, reading, and other activities: 2 hrs/week for 14 weeks = 28 hours
Other research-related support activities: 175 hours total 

So, overall, this apprenticeship entails a commitment of 175 hours, or 10-11 hours a week for the semester. We expect that it will be an excellent learning and hands-on research experience. As far as our evaluation of performance, putting in the hours and remaining a committed member of our team will lead to a passing grade.

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