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Trump, overconfidence, and the 2016 election: LinkedIn March 17, 2016

The kryptonite of smart decisions? Overconfidence: Association for Psychological Science, March 8, 2016. 

New York Times Jan 14 2016: Brendan Nyhan - Everybody Loves a Winner. So What Happens if Trump Loses?

The Atlantic July 7 2015: Adam Chandler - Why have negotiation deadlines anyway? 
  Also published in National Journal

Psychology Today June 1 2015: Joachim Krueger - Über-Confidence

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Washington Post May 6 2015: Roberto A. Ferdman - Researchers Have Found a Really Good Reason Not to be an Optimist

Harvard Business Review Feb 10 2015: Don Moore - Smart Leaders are OK with Seeming Uncertain

New York Times Oct 6 2014: Brendan Nyhan - How to Win at Raising Money: Warn that You're About to Lose

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Inside Higher Ed July 30 2013: Scott Jaschik - Questionable Admissions

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The Daily Californian July 31 2013: Somin Park and Simon Greenhill - Study Finds Admissions Officers Prone to Select Students with Inflated Grades

Los Angeles Times July 25 2013: Brad Bulukjian - Grade Inflation Works - in Schools and in the Workforce, Study Finds

Haas Newsroom July 25 2013: Are You Hiring the Wrong Person?

HBS Working Knowledge July 25 2013: Anna Secino - Why Unqualified Candidates Get Hired Anyway

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