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Don Moore

Professor of Management of Organizations

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Sandy Campbell

PhD student
I am a first year PhD student at Berkeley Haas. I graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a double major in Policy and Management and Psychology. There, I was lucky enough to meet and learn from George Loewenstein and Silvia Saccardo. Prior to starting my PhD, I spent a year in San Diego working with Uri Gneezy. I am broadly interested in behavioral economics and JDM, and am excited to develop these interests at Haas.


Amelia Dev

Laboratory manager
I'm a Cal grad and the lab manager at the Moore Accuracy Lab. I've been working with the lab since Spring '16 and will begin a Clinical Psychology doctorate program in Fall 2020. I'm intrigued by a range of research topics and am particularly interested in the intersection between overconfidence and mood disorders. In my spare time, I like to bake pastries, and more frequently, consume large quantities of pastries baked by others. 

Aditya Kotak

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hi! I'm Aditya and I'm a fourth year at Cal studying Computer Science and Statistics. Academically I'm primarily interested in Probability Theory, Theoretical Computer Science, and applications of Data Science. Outside of school, I'll either be at a poker table playing micro stakes with friends or out and about building up my photography skills. Excited to be a part of the Accuracy Lab!

Christina Carr

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hi! My name is Christina, I am a fourth year at Cal majoring in cognitive science and minoring in linguistics. My research interests involve subconscious processes, decision making, and free will, and I hope to continue my research by studying cognitive psychology in grad school. When I'm not studying or doing research, you can find me marching on the field with the Cal Band, learning a new language on Duolingo, or buying way too much yarn for crochet projects I'll never finish!

Karin Garrett

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hi, my name is Karin and I’m a junior psychology student at Cal. I really enjoy the puzzles presented in research with a broad interest in people and work. Ultimately, I hope to obtain a doctorate in business. In my spare time I milk goats, make jam, and gaze lovingly at my puppy.

Ashwin Bindra

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hi! My name is Ashwin Bindra and I am a first year studying Statistics and Business Administration. My research passion delves from trying to recognize people's unconscious cognitive biases and how it can affect their daily lives, specifically how can it result in overconfidence in their actions. Outside of the lab, you can find me playing basketball at the RSF or hiking in and around the Berkeley area. Thrilled to be apart of the Accuracy Lab!

Tiffany Ngan

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hello! I am a third year double majoring in cognitive science and psychology. My broad academic interests include developmental psych and linguistics, particularly sociolinguistics, linguistic relativity, bilingualism, and how they relate to one another. When I'm not in class I'm most likely at home taking care of my two cats, making espresso drinks, or watching John Oliver with friends!

Randall Hale

Undergraduate Research Assistant
I am a third year junior transfer majoring in psychology here at Cal. My interests broadly include social/cognitive/gestalt psychology and I am currently planning on entering a graduate program in social psych once I complete my BA. I am interested in investigating the various means by which individuals construe larger webs of possibility to ground an assessment of themselves and their capabilities from, and particularly what sort of factors distort this process. Outside of Berkeley I work at a business management consulting firm in Emeryville, and In my free time I read a lot of literature (mostly classics) and try to spend as much time as I can outdoors hiking/camping.


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Mary Ford

Student at Berkeley

Sean Sinisgalli

Consultant at ZS

Derek Schatz

Consultant at Accenture


Andrew Zheng

Student at Penn


Mitchell Wong

Analyst at OSKR, LLC


Maya Shen

Student at Berkeley


Brittany Usinger

Student at Harvard

Winnie Yan

Product Associate at Wayfair


Sydney Mayes

Server at Chez Panisse


Shreya Agarwal

Consultant at Deloitte


Ekaterina Goncherova

Lab manager at UPenn


Cody Strohl

Category Specialist at Walmart eCommerce


Zack Weinberg

Customer Success Associate at Everlaw


Jennifer Logg

Assistant Professor at Georgetown University


Nishchala Singhal

UX Researcher at Cisco Webex


Gabrielle Oh

Corporate Communications Manager at Kabbage, Inc.


Elizabeth Tenney

Assistant Professor at University of Utah


Heather Yang

Graduate Student at Mass. Institute of Technology


Dominique Lyew

Graduate Research Assistant at Vanderbilt University


Jonathan Wang

Data Scientist at Uber


Jen Kim

Global Marketing at Facebook


Sahaana Suri

Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program, Stanford


Ryan Goh 
Serving in Singapore's armed forces


Rebecca Xing

Senior Product Manager at BCG Digital Ventures


Mark Lee

Graduate student at Princeton


Shalena Srna

Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan


Mallika Bhavesh Ashani

Technology Analyst at Accenture


Nicole Anne Kurre

Program Manager at Google


Claire Lee

Student at Berkeley


Minal Baqi Khan

Data Scientist at Facebook


Miriam Ataya

Assistant Director at Progress Foundation


Julia Prims

Graduate Student at University of Illinois, Chicago


Torin Kalberg

Product Manager at Budweiser


Madhav Goel

Self-employed in New Delhi


Michael Eliot

Software Engineer at Groupon


Jimmothy Trinh

Insights & Strategy @ Tubular Labs