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Don Moore

Professor of Management of Organizations

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Sandy Campbell

PhD student
I am a fifth year PhD student at Berkeley Haas. I am broadly interested in behavioral economics and JDM; my research centers around overconfidence, gender and awards, and the economics of technology. Prior to starting my PhD, I spent a year at the UCSD Rady School of Management working with Professor Uri Gneezy. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Policy and Management and Psychology from Carnegie Mellon University, where I was fortunate to study under Professors George Loewenstein and Silvia Saccardo.


Sophia Li

PhD student
Sophia Li is a 3rd-year PhD student at Berkeley Haas studying Management of Organizations. She finished her undergraduate degree at Harvard College in 2021, where she studied Applied Mathematics. She is interested in studying biases that arise when people form judgments about their own and others' minds. In her free time, she enjoys singing and gaming.


Rene Choudhari

Lab Manager
I am a fourth year student at UC Berkeley with a major in Psychology and a minor in Data Science. I am interested in studying socioeconomic inequality and its impacts on decision-making, health, and psychopathology. I plan to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology and hope to work with at-risk youth and adolescents to mitigate the effects of childhood adversity on well-being throughout the lifespan. In my free time, I love reading, going to concerts, and being in nature.

Peter Zhang

Master's Student
I'm a 4th Year CS MS majoring interested in behavioral economics, natural language processing, and effective altruism. When I'm not studying or working, I enjoy weightlifting, food, and reading.

Randall Hale

Post-Bacc Research Assistant
I studied Cognitive Science and Psychology at UC Berkeley and graduated in 2022. Don served as my advisor for my senior thesis entitled 'Intellectual Humility and Overconfidence'. In the field of cognitive science I am broadly interested in problem solving, decision making and computational modeling. In my free time I enjoy playing classical piano, surfing, and hiking.

Aileen Wu

Undergraduate Research Assistant
I am a third-year data science and economics major at UC Berkeley, and my research interests include socioeconomic inequality and bias and ethics in technology. Outside of school and work, I love to spend time in nature by snowboarding, climbing, or hiking. I also enjoy spoiling my cat, writing, and listening to music.

Ben Sanderson

Undergraduate Research Assistant
I am a third-year student studying economics and data science at UC Berkeley. My interests include behavioral economics, economic development, and public policy. In my free time, I can be found biking and running around the Bay Area. I strive for personal and academic growth and aspire to make a positive impact on my community.

Jeffrey Zhou

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hello! I'm a 4th year CS and Economics major interested in the applications of Game Theory and Behavioural economics to decision making machines and algorithms. I enjoy watching bad baseball and playing even worse baseball.

Mitchell Chan

Undergraduate Research Assistant
Hello! My name is Mitchell and I am a fourth-year transfer student studying Psychology here at UC Berkeley with a long-term goal of going into Clinical Psych. My research interests include psychopathology in adults and children, language acquisition, and topics of overconfidence. In my free time, I like language learning and dancing in front of my dog...and that's it!

Jack Zhang

Undergraduate Research Assistant
I'm a second year majoring in computer science, economics, and statistics at UC Berkeley. My research interests majorly involve overconfidence in human decision-making processes, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Social Science. Outside of school, I enjoy running cross-country, making electronic music, and wandering around cities.

Jessie San

Undergraduate Research Assistant
I am a third year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley pursuing a Psychology B.A.. I graduated from Citrus College with associate degrees in Psychology, Sociology, and Social Science with an emphasis on Gender Studies. I have previously done research on injustices of the female prison system and chronic outcomes of adversity in childhood. I am interested in industrial-organizational psychology. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and watching movies.


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Angelica Wang

Graduate Student at University of Michigan

Kimberly Thai

Graduate of UC Berkeley

Isabella Borkovic

Student at UC Berkeley

Victor Diaz

Student at UC Berkeley

Beth Anne Helgason

PhD Student at London Business School

Carolin Marx

PhD Student at the Hasso Plattner Institute

Kunal Kumar

Student at Columbia

Aryan Arora

Student at Carleton College

Arjun Mayur

Product Management at Microsoft

Ryan Yu

Software Engineer at TikTok

Nic Berry

Student at Carleton College

Nyemade Fallah

Student at Carleton College

Josh Wu

Student at UC Berkeley

Tory Taylor

PhD Student at University of Nevada, Reno

Ray Guan

PhD Student in Barcelona

Ashwin Bindra

Student at UC Berkeley

Tiffany Ngan

Student at UC Berkeley

Amelia Dev

Graduate Student at University of Miami

Aditya Kotak

Product Manager

Christina Carr

UC Berkeley Graduate

Mary Ford

Student at UC Berkeley

Sean Sinisgalli

Consultant at ZS

Derek Schatz

Consultant at McKinsey

Andrew Zheng

Student at Penn


Mitchell Wong

J.D. Candidate at Stanford Law School


Maya Shen

Student at UC Berkeley


Brittany Usinger

Student at Harvard

Winnie Yan

Associate Product Manager at Wayfair


Sydney Mayes

Masters Student at UCSB


Shreya Agarwal

Teach for India Fellow


Ekaterina Goncherova

Graduate Student in Marketing and Psychology at UPenn


Cody Strohl

Category Specialist at Walmart eCommerce

Zack Weinberg

Business Analyst at Everlaw


Jennifer Logg

Assistant Professor at Georgetown University


Nishchala Singhal

UX Researcher at Cisco Webex


Gabrielle Oh

Corporate Communications Manager at Kabbage, Inc.


Elizabeth Tenney

Assistant Professor at University of Utah


Heather Yang

PhD Candidate at MIT Sloan


Dominique Lyew

PhD Candidate at Vanderbilt University


Jonathan Wang

Data Scientist at Uber


Jen Kim

Global Marketing at Facebook


Sahaana Suri

Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program, Stanford


Ryan Goh 
Serving in Singapore's armed forces


Rebecca Xing

CEO of Trustana


Mark Lee

Graduate student at Princeton


Shalena Srna

UX Researcher Meta


Mallika Bhavesh Ashani

Technology Analyst at Accenture


Nicole Anne Kurre

Senior Program Manager at Google


Claire Lee

Student at Berkeley


Minal Baqi Khan

Data Scientist at Facebook


Miriam Ataya

Assistant Director at Progress Foundation


Julia Prims

Visiting Lecturer at University of Illinois, Chicago


Torin Kalberg

Product Manager at Budweiser


Madhav Goel

Self-employed in New Delhi


Michael Eliot

Software Engineer at Groupon


Jimmothy Trinh

Insights & Strategy @ Tubular Labs